If you can draw it we can create it.

With the world's largest inventory of 359,000+ products and the largest database of certified analytical standards and reference chemicals, ChemSupport AS via Clearsynth provides seamless support to accelerate your research and production.

Custom synthesis of organic compounds in milligram to kilogram quantities, is, and has been our core business since the foundation of Clearsynth. 

Our team of experienced Scientists has expertise in the custom synthesis of a wide range of small molecules like API, Stable Isotope Labeled Compounds, Chemical Intermediates, Drug Metabolites, Drug analogs, Analytical Standards, reference standards, pharmaceutical impurities, and new patentable scaffolds.

We offer a full range of services in custom organic synthesis, accomplishing complex, multi-step syntheses and "difficult to synthesize" chemistry projects. The majority of our chemists and analysts hold doctorates, with vast experience in synthetic organic chemistry. Our compounds are of high purity (>98%) and are well characterised through MS, HPLC and 1H-NMR. Other tests for characterization can be and are carried out on request.

Synthesis Expertise Include